join the ‘vecindario’ – international community

One of our main goals is that residents acquire a taste of home to live and understand the Mexican way of living and finally return home as such.

multicultural vision

Vecindad Alpina 11 aims to create a community of young people within an environment of respect, coexistence and harmony, where they would stay hard and unforgettable experience and provide integral and contemporary, student lifestyle in Mexico City.

artistic expression

To promote the Mexican expression Vecindad Alpina 11 organizes cultural events with people of the nearby colleges and multidisciplinary artists every six months. We promote a culture of mutual respect, tolerance and diversity and aim to provide opportunity for the development of cross-cultural understanding and friendship, so everyone belongs and shares a sense of family, friendship and belonging to the people in the neighborhood.

connect online

Connect to the Vecindad Alpina 11 community on Facebook and keep in touch with the people you have met during your stay here. Ask us a question and we will reply with a direct message or on our facebook wall. the members of the Vecindad Alpina 11 regularly post interesting activities in the city or share photos on that page. we are looking forward to your contribution, sharing what you experienced in Mexico City.